Our Pipeline: Placing Better Outcomes Within Reach

NexImmune is acting with urgency to meet the needs of waiting patients by advancing our clinical pipeline of immunotherapies for cancer. We are also continuing our preclinical research on novel therapies that will create better outcomes for patients with other cancers and life-threatening conditions.

NexImmune is focused on developing its “off-the-shelf” injectable modality (our AIM INJ technology). The AIM INJ modality is designed for direct injection or infusion to engage T cells directly inside the body without the need for ex vivo manufacturing, which we believe will result in greater ease of administration and a less complex and less expensive manufacturing process.  The AIM INJ nanoparticles can activate, tolerize or delete antigen specific populations of T cells.  The flexibility of targeting and providing instructions to the T cell allow this modality to be used for potential clinical evaluation in oncology and in other disease areas, including autoimmune disorders and infectious disease.

NexImmune’s current clinical programs use the adoptive cell therapy modality, (our AIM ACT technology). NEXI-001 and NEXI-002 are in Phase 1/2 clinical trials for the treatment of relapsed acute myeloid leukemia(AML) after allogeneic stem cell transplantation and multiple myeloma refractory to >3 prior lines of therapy, respectively. NEXI-003 for HPV-associated malignancies has an IND in place with the FDA.  These programs have currently paused enrollment. NexImmune is actively seeking academic and industry partners and collaborators to continue development of the AIM ACT programs.

The following table summarizes our pipeline:

Therapy Type Name Indication/
Disease Area
Discovery Disc Preclinical Pre Phase 1/2 Ph1/2 Registration Reg
Injectable Modality (AIM INJ)
Injectible AIM-np
NEXI-100 series
NEXI-100 series Heme/Solid Tumor
Injectible AIM-np - NEXI-100 series
Injectible AIM-np
NEXI-200 series
NEXI-200 series Autoimmune Diseases
Injectible AIM-np - NEXI-200 series
Injectible AIM-np
NEXI-300 series
NEXI-300 series Infectious Diseases
Injectible AIM-np - NEXI-300 series
Adoptive Cell Therapy Modality (AIM ACT)
T cells
(r/r post allo-HSCT)
T cells - NEXI-001
T cells
NEXI-002 Multiple Myeloma
(r/r ≥3 lines of therapy)
T cells - NEXI-002
T cells
NEXI-003 HPV-associated Malignancies
(2L post CPI or platinum-based chemo)
T cells - NEXI-003
Patient-derived stem cells
NEXI-004 EBV Associated Diseases
Patient-derived stem cells - NEXI-004

1 Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) or Myelodyspastic Syndrome (MDS) who have relapsed disease after an allogeneic hematopoietic transplant (HCT)