Leadership: Ambitious Minds on an Audacious Mission

In NexImmune’s quest to change the course of cancer treatment and to address other serious diseases, we rely on our team of proven leaders to point the way. We have brought together a diverse team of bold thinkers who have the experience, ingenuity, and dedication to fulfill the promise of our T cell therapies to revitalize the lives of patients.

Kristi Jones headshot

Kristi Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Knight headshot

Bob Knight, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

John Trainer headshot

John Trainer

Chief Financial Officer

Mathias Oelke headshot

Mathias Oelke, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Jerome (Jerry) Zeldis headshot

Jerome (Jerry) Zeldis, M.D., Ph.D.

Executive Vice President,
Research and Development

Daniel Bednarik headshot

Daniel Bednarik Ph.D.

Senior Vice President,
Molecular Engineering & Protein Design

Chad Rubin headshot

Chad Rubin

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Affairs

Jack Ragheb headshot

Jack Ragheb

Senior Vice President,
Translational Science

Tonya Catterton headshot

Tonya Catterton

Vice President,
Quality & Compliance

Tim Stover

Vice President,
Corporate Controller

Karen Haslbeck headshot

Karen Haslbeck

Human Resources

Matt Schiller

Business Development