Our Company: Scientific Pioneers with Purpose

Inventive. Bold. Driven. These are the qualities that propel NexImmune in our relentless journey to change the course of the treatment for cancer and other immuno-mediated diseases. We are singularly focused on applying our breakthrough technology to direct a specific T cell-mediated immune response, helping the body fight disease in ways never before possible.

Our company was founded in 2011, with the exclusive licensing of our core technology from the Johns Hopkins University.

NexImmune is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing unique approaches to T cell immunotherapies based on its proprietary Artificial Immune Modulation (AIM™) technology. AIM nanoparticles act as synthetic dendritic cells to deliver immune-specific signals to targeted T cells and can direct the activation or suppression of cell-mediated immunity. In cancer, AIM-expanded T cells have demonstrated best-in-class anti-tumor properties as characterized by in vitro analysis, including a unique combination of anti-tumor potency, antigen target-specific killing, and long-term T cell persistence. The modular design of the AIM platform enables rapid expansion across multiple therapeutic areas, with both ex vivo cell therapy and injectable products.