NexImmune is a biotech company that is rapidly advancing to clinical stage.

NexImmune’s novel platform is based on the Artificial Immune AIM™ technology. Product development is based on the AIM proprietary artificial Antigen Presenting Cells (aAPC) and clinical expansion system combined with known and novel targets to rapidly develop cancer immunotherapies. These potential treatments are highly targeted to direct the immune system in a multi-antigen specific manner to precisely kill cancer cells, break tolerance and minimize escape.

Our mission is to deliver a step change in benefit and quality of life leveraging disease biology, immunology and the body’s own immune system to fight cancer, or any immune mediated disease. Our current focus is to develop the platform in immune-oncology and advance multi-antigen products that include known and mutated tumor targets.


NexImmune is an emerging biopharmaceutical company advancing a new generation immunotherapies based on our proprietary Artificial Immune (AIM™) technology.

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Our Team

Our entrepreneurial team of experienced professionals is dedicated to patients, science and addressing diseases with significant unmet need.

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News and events related to NexImmune and the AIM Technology.

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