NexImmune is a rapidly growing leader in the emerging field of antigen-directed immunotherapies. We are developing a novel technology platform with broad application across multiple disease areas.

Our Vision is to conquer disease by restoring natural immunity.

NexImmune is dedicated to transforming the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases through the development of novel therapies that generate a targeted T cell mediated immune response. With an urgent drive and singular focus on meeting the needs of waiting patients, our team is executing a bold strategy to deliver immunotherapies that go beyond incremental improvements and offer the potential treatments that save lives.

In the fight to conquer cancer and immune-mediated diseases, we are developing highly-differentiated immunotherapies that have greater precision, stronger potency, and longer-term durability. The foundation of our unique approach is our proprietary Artificial Immune Modulation (AIM) nanotechnology platform.

Core to the AIM™ platform is nanoparticle-based artificial antigen presenting cell (aAPC) technology, exclusively licensed from Johns Hopkins University, that enables the development of immunotherapies that orchestrate specific T cell function. These AIM™ nanoparticles act as synthetic dendritic cells to trigger a precise immune response against disease. In fighting cancer, the AIM™ nanoparticles provide a unique mechanism of action that optimizes endogenous T cells for maximum therapeutic effect and restoration of natural immunity.

We are harnessing our precision technology and unique scientific approach to advance an evolving pipeline of innovative immunotherapies into the clinic.

Our Mission is to develop products that help cure cancer by directing T cell function to restore natural immunity using precision technology and personalized therapeutics.


NexImmune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company applying its proprietary Artificial Immune Modulation (AIM™) nanotechnology platform to develop T cell-based immunotherapies with the potential to cure a broad range of diseases.

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Our Team

We have assembled a management team with deep experience advancing immunotherapies through clinical milestones and into commercialization.

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