NexImmune is a rapidly growing leader in the emerging field of antigen-directed immunotherapies. We are developing a novel technology platform with broad application across multiple disease areas.

Our Vision is to conquer disease by restoring natural immunity.

NexImmune is developing immunotherapy products based on its proprietary Artificial Immune Modulation (AIMTM) nanotechnology platform, originally developed at Johns Hopkins University. Core to the AIM Technology are nanoparticle-based artificial Antigen Presenting Cells (aAPC) that bypass the antigen processing and presentation role of natural dendritic cells. aAPC engage directly with targeted T cell receptors on naïve and memory T cells to trigger a desired immune response. In cancer, this approach is designed to induce both a robust effector response and the generation of long-term immunologic memory.

Antigen-specific T cells expanded from the endogenous repertoire have the potential to eradicate tumor cells through naturally occurring recognition and killing mechanisms, which may translate into significant benefit for cancer patients. NexImmune is advancing a novel technology that will make this approach a reality.

Our Mission is to develop products that help cure cancer by directing T cell function to restore natural immunity using precision technology and personalized therapeutics.


NexImmune is an emerging biopharmaceutical company advancing a new generation immunotherapies based on our proprietary Artificial Immune (AIM™) technology.

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Our Team

Our entrepreneurial team of experienced professionals is dedicated to patients, science and addressing diseases with significant unmet need.

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NexImmune completes $23 MM Series A Financing NexImmune featured in review of New and Novel Immunotherapies for Cancer

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